Simply stated, we partner with you to create a thriving community.
— Jessica Shipman, Managing Director

Jessica, a fifteen year veteran of the Association Management industry has gained many valuable experiences from large-scale management, construction defect project leadership, reserve replacement projects, developer transitions and financially stressed associations.

Our Mission

Shipman Association Management focuses on community associations and works with the associated Board of Directors, Committees, Residents and Builders.  Utilizing critical and analytical thinking to promote effective and beneficial fiscal soundness through controlling resources, planning for the future and engaging human capital to succeed in deeply influencing the organization’s culture and sustainability.  The key to success is excellent communication and organizational structure.

What We've Achieved

  • Maximized the vendor program to produce a 37% increase in revenue to assist in hiring two support staff members..

  • Identified, researched and implemented various technology media to communicate with clients and significantly eliminate print cost in all departments.

  • Contributed to and implemented 18 policies and procedures for the governance of the organization.

  • Collaborated with management to write and implement Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Guided the Maintenance Department in the creation of a yearly and long-term Preventive Maintenance plan.

  • Administered daily procedures to improve employee communication, encourage inner-departmental interface and facilitate customer satisfaction.

  • Fiscal responsibility in facilitating a $14 million budget and forecasted all short and long-term financial goals of the organizations facilities, infrastructures and departments.

  • Optimized outsourced services with resourceful approaches for a reduction in risk, maximized efficiency and cost savings of $1 million.

  • Managed a staff reorganization from 4 to10 full-time employees, developed departments and support staff of 40 within those departments.

  • Spearheaded assessment fee collection policies resulting in additional $50K in revenue collections over 3-month period.

  • Imporved the yearly budget by analyzing each line item for inflated and accurate cost, reducing annual fee by 6%.

  • Consulting lead on construction defect, mold remediation restoration and capital repair projects to organization’s facilities. Achieving credibility and with all parties involved to meet deadlines and mitigate organization disruption.

Areas of Service